What To Do If Scammed Out Of Bitcoin

What can I do if I’ve been scammed out of bitcoin?

We get inquiries like this daily. Fortunately, there are a few options.

Needless to say, the best thing to do is not to get scammed in the first place. Before sending anyone you don’t know valuable bitcoins you should perform some due diligence on BitcoinWhosWho.com or sites like badbitcoin.org to see if the website is known for fraudulent transactions. 99Bitcoins.com also provides a great scam test questionnaire.

It is impossible to unilaterally reverse transactions once confirmed on the bitcoin blockchain, but, if you’ve already sent BTC to someone who is no longer responding to your emails and you now believe is a fraud, you can take some action.

First, you can flag the address on BitcoinWhosWho.com so everyone can see it’s a scam and read why.

Flag Scam Bitcoin Addresses
Flag Scam Bitcoin Addresses

Second, you can check for any identifying characteristics about the bitcoin address. It only takes one mistake for a scammer to be exposed forever on the blockchain. Check the Bitcoin Who’s Who Bitcoin Address Report for;

  • Website Appearances. See if the address has ever appeared on any websites that could be used to identify the scammer.
  • The “Last Transaction IP” Address. It’s possible this IP address belongs to the scammer and can be used to identify his or her location.
  • Wallet Name. The wallet name may lead you to an exchange or service that can be subpoenaed.
  • Recent Transaction w/ Known Entities. The address may have recently transacted with an entity that can be subpoenaed
  • Monitor Future Transactions. Setup an email alert or “watch” to be notified when your BTC gets moved to another address that can possibly be identified

Third, contact your local law enforcement agency and file a report with ic3.gov

12 thoughts on “What To Do If Scammed Out Of Bitcoin”

  1. Sorry i sent my email to your address as ‘warned’ or something!
    Sorry, i thought you were going to respond to ME , not to put it up as a possible scam address!
    Humbly apologize, would ask you to take it off!

    Kind regards,
    Aubrey Richardson

  2. I will advise anyone who intends to trade with these companies to stop and hold on to you funds. I lost 48,750 USD in the space of four days. Something was wrong because a lot of trades were not initiated by myself. After doing some research I found out their systems rigged completely. I was able to recover my funds with help from a recovery consultant (deftrecovery atgmail com).

  3. I was devastated when i lost my bitcoin to litinvest but was able to recover them. Reachout to David { iphonemaillingapps via Aol mail } and share this discovery, we have an obligation to look out for our own.

  4. I have the wallet name of the scammer: a9f12b2e4f99ef34
    How can this person now be identified. I was scammed out of 0.1 btc.

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